increasingly essential

A large percentage of existing and start-up businesses do not have the necessary skills required in the digital age.

Digital skills are becoming increasingly essential for getting access to a range of products and services. However, there is a digital divide where up to 12.6 million of the adult UK population lack basic digital skills. This digital skills gap is costing the economy an estimated £63 billion a year in lost additional GDP. 

Many people are unable to undertake some of the most simple digital tasks and are certainly not in the position to promote their business effectively online. As most SMEs do not have the budget to employ a digital agency, it is imperative they learn to do it themselves!

Bsmart Training has developed a suite of digital courses that are designed especially for SMEs to provide them with the essential skills required to move a business forward in the digital age.

Our courses will enable people to manage and update their own smartphone apps, create a successful social media campaign and ensure the correct procedures are in place for data protection and online transactions. This will hopefully help a business reach a much larger audience online whilst saving money and time!