Direct mail

It’s easy to think of young people as a generation attracted to the internet and all things digital but in a survey conducted by Forbes it was discovered that the 18 – 24 year old age group prefers hearing about products and services by direct mail.

Young adults are some of the best targets for lead conversion these days direct mail is not on the lips of every marketer but direct mail is relevant and can be a very powerful tool. 

We target both the parents and young people.

Outdoor media

We can provide digital and backlit platforms which are situated to ensure the most powerful displays within their environment. It optimises the best out of home space, connecting your target audience to our digital courses through the power of outdoor media.

We also offer shop posters, media on buses, taxis and rail.

Other offline activity includes:

Job centres:

  • Job fairs
  • Training days


  • Cinema adverts

Promotional materials

  • Pens
  • Key fobs
  • Bags

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