We build a variety of Facebook advertising campaigns that we test, track and optimise to users who match the geographic and demographic profiling.
Our Facebook advertising experts then closely manage the campaign night and day (okay,just day) to ensure we push the adverts which gain the lowest cost-per-click and gain the highest click-through-rate.

Programmatic Display

We analyse and profile your target audicence’s online behaviour to understand them as individuals. This insight enables us to serve display ads that engage with them.
This helps to attract the users back to a chosen website with personalised creative messaging informed by on-site customer behaviour.


A popular digital channel amongst 16-18 year olds of which banners would be brought programmatically to target age group, location, interests and behaviour. We are able to use 3rd party segments and targeting clusters relating to education, college application or application intent. Ourcampaign will also include an element of retargeting which will allow us to target users who have visited your site within the past 30 days.


A high percentage of 16-18 year olds engage more positively with video content and advertising via this platform enables an unobtrusive technique. Average engagement time on this platform is at least 10 seconds and one of the benefits or YouTube is that you only pay once your advert has been watched through its entirety. As it’s planned through Google, you have the ability to location & age target, as well as target specific contextual segments (educational content).


The highest active age group using Twitter is 16-29 year olds. 42 per cent of online youth aged 15 to 17 use Twitter, according to Pew Research Centre. We can directly target those within proximity to your college along with those aged 16-18. You are also able to target people following or engaging with certain keywords or twitter accounts.

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