Learners can access the complete suite of digital courses via a branded online shop.

The programmes are media rich and take the learners on a digital journey, keeping them engaged and enhancing their overall experience. We are also able to provide your establishment with assessments, teachers' notes and support throughout to ensure a successful completion.

Not only does Digital Promotions for Business help close the skills gap that exists, it also contributes to the FELTAG challenge. It provides learners with sequential learning and is available online on an easy-to-navigate platform meaning learners can access the course anywhere at anytime.

Some of our clients have said:

"This is a well laid out course, relevant to today's needs and easy to navigate, plus extremely interesting and engaging."

and finally all course are supporting by a state-of-the-art Learner Management System, which will provide you with access to a comprehensive reporting system, enabling the you to follow student activity closely and track their performance.