We fully understand that NEETs are hard to reach. However, we employ a range of tried and tested learner find techniques to ensure we engage with and recruit committed and motivated learners in order to maximise achievement rates, as well as provide excellent customer service when acting on behalf of an organisation in order to sustain and further enhance its reputation. 

We will ensure all recruitment targets are met in your area through the following routes:

  • Telemarketing activity using our dedicated call centre facility. 
  • Postal promotion and advertising campaigns.
  • Engaging with community groups and third sector organisations.

Dedicated call centre staff:

  • Our staff utilise intelligent scripting that is bespoke for your institution. They are also trained on your script.
  • Measured results
  • Take advantage of best business practice across industry sectors
  • Provide visibility through standard and bespoke metrics
  • Benefit from up-to-date staff training programmes for continuous improvement

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